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"Who is Icebeatz?"

Icepondis | Be it a war, a pandemic or a shattering natural calamity, there are several things that people are always going to turn towards Love, food and music. Even during the darkest of times, plague and the great depression, people have been humming tunes. Ring around the Roses is the direct product of the deadly plague, kids singing about the fragrance of flowers that gives them hope. You will find the poorest of men humming their favorite song. Therefore, we can certainly see for sure that singers are some of the greatest artists. They have the capability of influencing people with their powerful lyrics and meaningful background.

We find meanings in the lyrics or we vibe to the tune as a whole. We have multiple artists in the present times who performed and sing different genres of music. Because of the widespread competition around us all, only the best of musicians make it beyond the difficult phase and gain fame.

Nigerian singer/songwriter and record producer, Isaiah Omoniyi Oluwatobiloba (born 2 July 1999), known professionally as Icepondis. he started his music journey at the age of 15, after dropping a lot of demos and singles he then released his debut EP “Good vibe” on december 2019. you must be wondering what kind of song it might be, it is definitely a feel-good song that is a must-have for you, Ice Pondis has been indeed doing quite well everyone must begin with something and then keep on learning in the process, growing as an artist.

There is one thing that artists must always keep in mind, it is the target audience. If they do not like the kind of music you are producing, you will not gain views and fame. However, this does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of your songs. Icepondis loves what he does, he is passionate and dedicated towards his chosen career path, willing to learn more as a singer/songwriter and record producer. After his debut EP “Good Vibe” came out, the target audience has been quite impressed. Such feel-good songs are always appreciated no matter what because it is a wise decision to make something that people from every age can have a look at.

Icepondis has done his homework! Before beginning with his Music career, he made sure to have a good look at the requirement list and skills needed compulsory. His voice has never been an issue, always hitting the note at the right time. Although he has a lot more to achieve in the future, his recent releases “SADE” in 2020 and “NITRO” in 2021 is beyond impressive. Who would have thought that this young man will establish himself this quickly? The competition might be great but his determination is greater, his only challenge is himself, striving to be better than what he was yesterday he is committed to being successful. At the moment, his songs are quite popularly played in events and even personal playlists. If you haven’t given a good ear to “Nitro” or any of Icepondis songs, what are you waiting for? You are not going to regret this, bring some spice in your life. Times might be hard and good music is always appreciated. Support the growing artists who have this much potential, they are sure to give us back more than what is expected.

Icebeatz on Instagram:- http://www.instagram.com/icebeatz_

Icebeatz on Twitter:- https://twitter.com/real_icebeatz

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