VIDEO + AUDIO: Augustine Omoifo – “Born To Win”

“Born to Win” is a soul-stirring blend of music and spoken word that seeks to unleash a new transformational experience on anyone who listens to it. The song’s sole focus is to rekindle the true power and potential of people of all works of life.

The song’s author; Augustine Omoifo is no newbie in the industry, however, as the founder and Executive Chairman of Roc-A-Lot Records with nationally acclaimed singles such as “Pick it up by Sanchez”, Display by Yung Hanz” and “Celebrate by Kbaj”, Augustine is now a life force, passionately seeking to help people discover and rediscover their true gifts and help them live their best lives to the maximum.

Augustine also known as the Dream Catalyst is a Holistic Life Coach and Motivational Speaker/Entertainer. He is making his mark as one of the pioneers of coaching through music. A follow up single to Born to Win is in the works and promises even more power.

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